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History of the Chateau

Chailly, whose name is of Celtic origin, is a place that has been inhabited for a very long time. In the 12th century, a “fortified house” of modest proportions occupied the current site of the Chateau. At the beginning of the 15th century, Jean, Lord of Loges, made it into a true fortress equipped with four towers and a drawbridge. His grandson Hugues transformed it into a pleasant Renaissance residence, an aspect that the Chateau has kept to this day. The Lenet, Brunet and Tillet families would each take over it in turn.

During the Revolution in 1789, the Chateau was protected from the excesses of certain zealous patriots, because its lands were used by a “Farmer of Seigniory”, Augustin Godard, Mayor of Chailly and “Lieutenant Criminel” in Arnay-le-Duc. He purchased the Chateau in 1796, until it was sold back to the Chalon family in 1888.

The current owner, Yasuhiko Sata, has been renovating the Chateau since 1987 thanks to the keen work of a hundred 'compagnons du devoir' from a French-style friendly society. It is now classified "Historical Monument" and converted into one of the most luxurious hotels in Burgundy.

(1401-1461) It is he who negotiated with the Duke of Burgundy for the re-attachment of the Duchy to the French crown
Guillaume de LOGES who lived around 1400
married Agnès de La Boulaye who gave him the 'fortified house' as a dowry
which had existed since the 12th century at Chailly
Jean de LOGES who lived between 1417 and 1455
married Louise de Rabutin around 1450 and converted the "fortified house" into a fortress
(1421-1483) crowned 1461
CHARLES VIII (1470-1498) crowned 1483
Simon I of LOGES Lord of La Boulaye and Chailly
Chambellan of Charles the Bold and Louis XI
Owner of the chateau until 1489
FRANCOIS I (1494-1547) reigned in 1515
Hugues II of LOGES Born around 1470 and died in 1531
Bailly d'Autun
married: 1) Claude Rabutin - 2) Charlotte du Mesnil-Simon
He undertook the construction of the new chateau with the assistance of his second wife
Owner of the Chateau from 1489 to 1531
(1519-1559) Regency of Catherine de Médicis
Louis II of LOGES Lord of Boulaye and Chailly
married: 1) Gabrielle de Burges in 1544 - 2) Catherine d'Armes
He completed the chateau, which will not see any more major work
Owner of the Chateau from 1531 to 1565
(1550-1574) reigned in 1561
HENRI III (1551-1589) reigned in 1574
Simon II de LOGES (brother of the preceding)
Bailly d'Autun, died without direct heirs
His niece, Antoinette de Chastellux, inherited the chateau
Owner of the Chateau from 1565 to 1595
HENRI IV (1553-1610) reigned in 1589 Edme de ROCHEFORT-PLEUVAULT Bailly d'Autun 1594
His wife, Jacqueline-Philippe de Pontailler, grand-niece of Simon II de LOGES,
gives him the lands of Chailly in 1598
Owner of the Chateau from 1598 until his death (unknown date)
(1601-1643) King in 1610
with his mother Marie de Medicis
as regent
Roger de ROCHEFORT-PLEUVAULT (oldest son)
Bailly d'Autun 1634 - He died in 1644 without heirs
Owner of the chateau until 1644
(1638-1715) King in 1643
with his mother Anne of Austria
as regent
François de ROCHEFORT-PLEUVAULT (2nd son of Edme)
Marquis of La Boulaye and Seigneur of Chailly
He sells the chateau in 1644
Owner of the Chateau from 1644 to 1664
Pierre LENET Dijon 1600 - Paris 1671 - Advisor at the Parliament of Dijon in 1637
His widow sells the seigniory of Chailly in 1672
Owner of the Chateau from 1664 to 1672
Philibert BRUNET Beaune 1597 - Beaune 1673 - Lord of Chailly - Owner from 1672 to 1673
Jean-Baptiste BRUNET Beaune 1623 - Paris 1703 - Farmer general - Guard of the Royal Treasury
Establishes the fiefdom in barony - Owner of the Chateau from 1673 to 1703
(1710-1774) King in 1715
with Philippe d'Orleans as regent
Pierre BRUNET Paris 1661 - Paris 1744 - Adviser to Châtelet and to Parliament in Paris
He died childless and his property passed to his nephew
Owner of the Chateau from 1703 to 1740
Jean-baptiste du TILLET Beaune 1687 - Paris 1744 - Adviser to Parliament in Paris
Owner of the Chateau from 1740 to 1744
(1754-1793) reigned in 1774
Various revolutionary governments
Charles-Jean-Baptist du TILLET Beaune 1710 - Paris 1796 - Adviser to Parliament in Paris
Owner of the Chateau from 1744 to 1796
The Directory
Start of the Empire
Henriette-Louise and Charlotte-Henriette du TILLET Inherit the seigniory - They sell it in 1803 - Owner from 1796 to 1803
1st Empire
(1755-1824) reigned in 1814
Augustin GODARD 1762 - Chailly 1821 - Former Farmer - Owner from 1803 to 1821
(1757-1830) reigned in 1824
Auguste-Augustin GODARD Chailly 1795 - Chailly 1825 - Owner with his sisters from 1821 to 1825
reigned from1830 to 1848

Second Empire
Augustin Joseph-Marie GODARD Co-owner with his aunts until 1859 and alone from 1859 to 1861
Auguste-Edmond GODARD Chailly 1859 - Vandenesse 1888
Owner from 1861 to 1888 - Died childless, his heirs sell the chateau
3rd Republic Antoine CHALON Owner from 1889 to 1909
4th Republic
5th Republic
Leon CHALON Créancey 1878 - Chailly 1967 - Owner from 1909 to 1967
Jean CHALON Owner until 1987
Yasuhiko SATA Owner since 1987 - Saved the Chateau from ruin, gave it its current
purpose, was appointed Chevalier des Arts et Lettres in 1994